Our Massage Therapists are well diversified and trained to treat muscle and joint injuries and pregnancy with the main goal of utilising techniques to achieve optimal health and healing for our patients.

Remedial Massage is a treatment that manipulates the soft tissues of the body including movement for a specific therapeutic effect, rather than a general therapeutic effect.

Our Massage Therapist uses relevant techniques and movements that assist in the healing process, which begins at the cellular level aiding soft tissues in repairing, restoring functional integrity and adapting back to health.

Remedial massage is also used to help the body return to normal health after injury or with muscular-skeletal disorders. It is used to treat chronic muscular-skeletal imbalances, strains, sprains, bruising or many other injuries where the skin is intact. Always consult with your Dr, in cases where an injury is significant.

Remedial Massage may also assist with:

- Stimulating the breakup of scar tissue and adhesions left after injury

- Speeding up recovery and encouraging more complete healing.

- Supporting repetitive strain injury

-Increasing the flow of blood and lymph, particularly in the injured areas.

Having regular pregnancy massages has the potential for improving your health by assisting with the physical, emotional and mental changes to your body during your pregnancy.

Our Massage Therapists are well diversified and trained to treat muscle and joint injuries and pregnancy with the main goal of utilising techniques to achieve optimal health and healing for our patients.

At Essence of Health we understand the importance of supporting mother and baby.

Carrying a baby inside you changes your centre of gravity and puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. Having regular pregnancy massages may assist with physical changes during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy also relaxes your ligaments, so that your pelvic joints are less stable, and changes your posture, pulling your pelvis forward. Our Massage Therapist is trained to target those sore spots and provide some relief, while knowing which areas, and what techniques, to avoid.

The following are potential benefits of massage during pregnancy: - Reduced stress hormones and increased fell-good hormones Increased energy and a reduced sense of fatigue

- A sense of deep relaxation

- May relieve symptoms of nausea and heartburn

- Relieving the everyday discomforts of pregnancy such as back pain, joint pain, neck pain, headaches, pelvic pain, and leg cramps, by targeting specific trigger points and muscle tension

- Reduction of excess fluid retention which generally manifests as swelling in the hands and ankles

- Reduction of sciatica pain

- Improved circulation

- Improved sleep from being more relaxed, reduced muscle tension and feeling less uncomfortable

- A greater sense of relaxation which could lead to the improvement in the progression of labour with better health outcomes for both mother and baby.

- Creating a wonderful connection between the mother and baby

Please consult your obstetrician and/or Doctor if you have a serious medical condition to obtain approval for massage during your pregnancy.

Needing to relieve stress and relax? A therapeutic massage is perfect.

Unlike Deep Tissue and Sports Massage which target more muscle and joint injuries, Therapeutic massage is an ideal style of massage for any person who finds that with stress and daily life that tension is stored and felt along with the common areas such as the back, neck, and shoulders.

The main purpose of sports massage is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity.

With overexertion and/or overuse of a muscle minor injuries and lesions occur, which can also affect the body’s mobility and range.

Sports massage primarily focuses on the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the body’s soft tissues.

The massage is aimed at preparing the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. When there is chronic muscle tension or injury, there are usually adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) in muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Adhesions have a tendency of restricting circulation, causing pain, inflammation and limit your body’s mobility. Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down adhesions, in turn having the potential to relieve pain and restore normal movement.

The massage therapist uses compression and friction techniques along the grain of the muscle.

The purpose of this is to spread the muscles fibres and release both toxins and deeply held tension points.

By spreading muscle fibres, your able to greatly increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the painful areas, which will facilitate with healing.

Deep Tissue Massage is both corrective and therapeutic. It is beneficial for many physical problems, including sports injuries and chronic pain.

Myofascial Release specifically targets the elastic web of connective tissue that surrounds every organ, muscle, nerve and bone in your entire body (the fascia).

The fascia works with the muscles to provide structure to the body and to facilitate movement. Tension within the fascia in one area can have a widespread effect on many other areas of the body.

Releasing that tension with very gentle yet extremely effective techniques could relieve tension and pain and improve mobility, by releasing and lengthening both muscles and fascia.

This technique is extremely slow and gentle, and it can often feel like nothing is happening. The real benefit is generally felt in the few days following the treatment.

When long held tension is released, it is not uncommon for trapped emotions to be released during the treatment. Your therapist will assist you to work through this if it occurs during the session.

The treatment can usually be carried out fully clothed or used in conjunction with another therapy, such as therapeutic.

Fertility & Well Womb support massage is a style of therapy that benefits the reproductive and digestive organs while improving overall health.

This type of massage is recommended for:
Painful periods
Premenstrual Syndrome
Hormone imbalances
Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Fertility support

What to expect during the Fertility & Well Womb Support Massage?

The focus of this massage is the abdominal area, which aims to align and improve blood flow to the internal organs and improve abdominal and pelvic muscle integrity. Massage techniques are applied from the diaphragm down to the lower abdomen to ensure muscle relaxation and promote fluid blood / lymph circulation. A full body and complementary massage techniques can be used to enhance the results. The massage session itself usually takes an hour.

Encourages displaced uterus to its optimal position
Regulates menstrual cycle
Alleviates painful menstruation and ovulation; also pain from endometriosis
Increases circulation and promotes blood flow to the uterus
Helps with stagnation and with natural detoxification of the body
Releases scar tissue
Promotes relaxation and reduces stress

Recommended time to book your massage:

Fertility Support
Natural Fertility After menstruating and prior to ovulation.
IVF Cycle (Fresh) Month prior to injections starting.
IVF Cycle (Frozen) After menstruating and prior to ovulation.
Well Womb Gynecological issues (not trying to conceive) 1 week after period has finished and 1 week prior to starting.

Not recommended during the following times or for the following medical reasons:

Not during Pregnancy
Not recommended 5 day prior to menstruation
Not recommended during menstruation
Not before 6 weeks of a natural vaginal delivery
Not before 3 months of a caesarean section.
Not before 3 weeks post laparoscopic surgery
Not if you have an IUD inserted.
Abdominal infection
Not if you have a hiatal hernia
Not if cancer is suspected

Looking for a massage to help you relax? Hot stone massage may be perfect for you.

What is a hot stone massage?

Smooth basalt stones are heated in water to achieve a therapeutic temperature. The heat penetrates deep into the tissues and promotes mental and physical healing.

What are the benefits of hot stone massage?

- It promotes healthy circulation and eliminates toxins from the body thus boosting immunity.
- Relieves musculoskeletal pain, tension, stress, anxiety and depression.
- Encourages deep relaxation for the body and mind, promoting better sleep.
- Can ease symptoms from arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.
- Improves flexibility around the joints increasing range of motion.
- Hydrating before and after the treatment can enhance effectiveness.

An upper body massage is a treatment that focuses specifically on the whole back, the neck, shoulders, and head. This is a perfect solution to all manner of health problems such as muscular tension, poor circulation and bad posture, commonly seen on those who spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk environment or doing repetitive arms/hands movements.

The upper body massage can be customized to fit your exact needs. Our massage therapist will use various levels of pressure to rub, stroke, and knead areas that are typically tight or store tension in the upper half of your body. During a head massage, the therapist will focus on targeting the main pressure points and scalp relaxation.

Upper Body Massage is effective in treating a range of physical conditions, including:

Muscle pain, tension and tightness
Neck, shoulders, back chronic pain
Jaw pain
Tension headaches
Frozen shoulder
Tennis elbow
Stress and anxiety

Some of the benefits may include:
Targeted pain relief
Muscle tension release
Enhanced circulation
Improved flexibility
Stress reduction

De-Stress & Face Massage is the most direct way of relaxing and it is performed on the face, head/scalp, neck and upper shoulders area. It is designed to relax the muscles and the connective tissues to bring about an overall sense of well-being.

This massage is performed with you lying on your back. Specific oils or lotions for the face are used in the areas to be treated, except the head, which is applied a dry massage. Firm but gentle movements are used, including acupressure points and lymphatic massage, which improves blood & lymph circulation, releases muscle tension and nourishes hair shafts.

This massage also renews energy levels and is ideal for people who suffer from migraines or headaches, sinusites, anxiety, or insomnia.

Benefits may include:
Relieves emotional stress and anxiety
Relieves headaches, eyestrain, migraine and jaw pain
Improves sleep
Enhances blood circulation in the head, face and neck area
Strengthening the hair follicles
Helps relax the scalp and the muscles
Encourages lymphatic drainage which can benefit the face by pushing out toxins
Let’s in more nutrients leaving the skin nourished and glowing