Our philosophy is that good health isn’t just about our physical wellbeing, but instead the essence of good health comes from ensuring we are balanced physically, mentally and emotionally.

Essence of Health provides a team of dedicated health care practitioners to support all elements of health.


Essence of Health was created by Sandra Sapio in 2002 and is an integrated natural health and medicine clinic. Beginning with only two practitioners offering Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Massage, we have now grown to have four practitioners including another Acupuncturist, and a Chiropractor.

"I wanted to create a clinic where patients could come in for a consultation/treatment and leave feeling so much better within themselves;physically, mentally and emotionally and feel a renewed positivity about their current health issues and life."

“I also wanted to create a positive vibe in the clinic that would not only come from how sincere and passionate we all are about what we do, but from patients themselves and how positive they felt about the healthcare we provide.