Chiropractic for Health

by Sandra Sapio on March 14, 2024

There are many reasons to make chiropractic care part of your health regime:

• May improve joint mobility and function, along with general joint health. This may be especially beneficial for people with arthritis to assist with to decreasing the degeneration of joint and connective tissue associated with these chronic conditions.
• Can assist in the prevention of ongoing or recurring headaches.
• Assists with strength of muscles by improving contractibility when they are loose or tight. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes or people who enjoy regular exercise.
• Helps with ongoing inflammation following restoration of joint range of motion.
• Improves circulation by assisting with the elimination of stagnant blood flow.
• Following injury or damage, can speed up the recovery process.
• Supports and improves efficiency for the nervous system and can strengthen the immune system.
• May help with mood, temperament, and stress. Can be calming or energising depending on what is required. May also increase energy levels and improve sleep which are often associated with nervous system concerns.
• Supports a woman throughout her pregnancy by relieving discomfort and associated back pain and preparing the body for labour. May also speed up the labour process.
• Provides care for newborn babies and their mothers to achieve balance back in the body following birth which can often be quite traumatic even in uncomplicated births. Can also assist with successful feeding and related concerns such as reflux and sleep.