Weight loss

Many people live most of their lives dieting and trying all sorts of programs, sachets and gimmicks to lose weight. Sometimes losing weight isn’t as hard as keeping it off. Cravings, stress, emotional factors, hectic work schedule, poor diet choices, fatigue and hormone imbalance can all play a part in the battle to feel comfortable in your own skin.

For most people it’s not about being an unrealistic weight for your height, shape or genetics but losing weight to get back that healthy feeling, one that brings back your endurance for doing the things you love and motivation to cook healthy meals and exercise. By using a natural approach to weight loss, you can not only lose weight without the side effects but learn about food, nutrition and keeping your sugar levels balanced to avoid cravings and keep the weight off.

Initially a patient will be assessed to see why they are not able to lose weight and the metabolic factors that could be standing in the way. Sandra will explore whether there could be any additional hormone or detoxification issues that could be hindering your efforts in losing weight and keeping it off.

Additional support may be needed and can include

  • Fat metabolism
  • Protein metabolism
  • Sugar metabolism (Glucose/Insulin)
  • Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Starch metabolism
  • Hormone metabolism
  • Methylation support

Realistic Eating Plan

Sandra uses realistic eating plans that will still allow you to feel like you’re not missing out on taste or flavour. Each person has varied options for meal choices and keeping within your culture or style of foods you like to eat. Adjustments can always be made in the first week or two of the plan.