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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Important Patient information for purchasing products

Once you are on our patient portal access to all products available within the clinic, we ask that you read and accept the following guidelines

Products will be marked into 2 purchase requirements

Prescription required products

These products can be added to your cart if you have a current prescription on file for them.  If you do not have a prescription but would like to find out more about any of the products marked Prescription required, a 15 min Naturopath Review appointment is necessary to be able to gain a prescription for these products.  Please click on TELEHEALTH on our home page to arrange a phone appointment.  All online orders are monitored before posting and prescriptions are reviewed.  It is important to note that these products need to be reviewed along with all other supplements you may be taking, any other prescriptions and other factors such health conditions, IVF cycles as well as if you are pregnant or nursing.  If a product is purchased and you do not have a prescription, the item will not be sent out and placed aside until a phone review is conducted.

Available for purchase products

These products can be added to your cart without the need for a prescription, however we ask that if you have not purchased or been given a prescription for these items that you let us know in the purchase comment box when finalising your order.  Sandra will be able to review these products before posting and offer instructions with a prescription to be included when purchasing.