Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Adrenal Fatigue

Stress, anxiety, depression and irritability! It’s what you feel when your peaceful country road of life turns into a raging super highway or like you’re in constant traffic jam.
You get cross, snap at people when you don’t really mean to or feel worried that you can’t cope with modern day demands. You can experience periods of depression for no apparent reason or know that your hormones don’t feel balanced and you feel your life is out of control, and frustration sets in.
If you push yourself too hard or are pushed beyond your tolerance level and feel your running on empty, then you could be suffering from emotional burnout or Adrenal Fatigue. Your body rebels, and Its internal harmony gets right out of tune with reality.


Helps you feel calmer, more relaxed and aware of the improvement in your sense of well-being. It helps to release ‘happy hormones’, body chemicals known as endorphins, which give you that great to be back on the road again feeling. Acupuncture not only works on the balancing emotional state but the mind, and physical well-being, giving an all over grounded feeling.


Can help by using supportive practitioner only supplements, strong enough to therapeutically treat emotional and hormonal imbalances. Tests can also be performed to test for cortisol issues and hormone imbalances that can be contributing to your emotional swings or issues. Your adrenal glands could still be highly stressed and excess cortisol production is present or you could be at burn out stage, where restrengthening the adrenal glands may be necessary. Either way, naturopathy can help restore balance to the pituitary-hypothalamus and adrenal axis.


Therapeutic Massage can help stimulate circulation, relieve muscle tension, reduces stress, pain and promotes relaxation.In addition to these benefits, Therapeutic Massage has been shown to boost the immune system and promote well-being.Since most diseases are exacerbated by stress, massage can help you become and stay healthier.