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Revitalise and Rejuvenate

Longevi-tea is formulated with herbs such as white tea that revitalise the essential components to attaining and maintaining health and well-being; Yin and Blood.

When Yin and Blood are in abundance, the human body starts to feel energised, healthy, motivated and inspired. The beauty about yin and blood is that they can be rejuvenated at any time, any place. In fact, drinking Longevi-Tea during the day will help keep your mental clarity and concentration optimal to prevent the 3:30 slump so commonly felt from being stuck in front of a computer screen or inside the office.

Ageing is a natural process to life. There are many factors that can accelerate ageing such as pollution, stress and a poor diet.

Longevi-tea is an age-defying elixir, formulated with anti-oxidants and blood tonics to fight free radical damage and protect collagen production to reduce the signs of premature ageing.


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