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In Need of Pregnancy massage in Brighton or South of Adelaide?

Therapeutic massage covers many specialist areas, but pregnancy massage needs to be carried out by professionals offering tender care to ensure that both mum and baby are as safe and comfortable as possible.

If you have previously suffered from bleeding, spotting, abdominal pain or cramping, as a precaution it is essential you consult your obstetrician or midwife before receiving any massage treatment. Massage is a safe treatment for any woman that is pregnant if you are using a licensed and trained massage therapist. For all your massage services in Adelaide, give us a call on 08 8296 4333.

If everything is all clear and you are experiencing a normal pregnancy you can make an appointment with Essence of Health to start enjoying the numerous benefits of therapeutic massage. Regular massages will improve your health and assist with the physical, emotional and mental changes to your body during your pregnancy.


Pregnancy Massage and its benefits

Pregnancy Massage is a specialised area of massage therapy. Massage has been proven to help alleviate symptoms and pain associated with pregnancy as women undergo many physical and emotional changes during their pregnancy months. Massage therapy can be used as a method for the reduction of stress and tension, relieving muscle pain and to help to improve the overall health and wellness of future mothers. Essence of Health provides a complete range of pregnancy massage in Adelaide.

Expectant mothers will usually be lying on their sides whilst being massaged, all the time being supported by pillows. Our massage therapists are trained to work around certain pressure points that may stimulate the pelvic muscles. You should always make sure your massage therapist knows about any symptoms you have been experiencing and if you are feeling discomfort during the massage. Your safety is always our top priority.

Essence of Health has put together for you a few of the benefits to receiving your pregnancy massage in Brighton.

Improved Quality of Sleep

We cannot stress the importance that sleep plays during the term of pregnancy. Massage therapy can increase the production of serotonin and melatonin which ultimately control our sleep rhythms. If you are having trouble sleeping, regular sessions will help produce positive effects on your quality of sleep. If you need any help with sleep, try our pregnancy massage clinic in Brighton.

Hormone levels and support for anxiety, stress or depression

It is well researched that massages can lead to improved moods due to the alteration in hormone levels associated with relaxation and stress. Studies have shown that hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol were reduced. Cortisol is the prime hormone that induces stress. There were increases in the “feel-good” hormones that improve mood, dopamine and serotonin. There are also positive indicators of increases in your immunity system and vitality. These hormone changes led to an easier birthing process for mother and baby.

In mothers that have been experiencing the signs of depression, studies have shown that after receiving massage, their babies had lower levels of cortisol than those babies whose mothers received no massage treatments during their pregnancies. The experts in pregnancy massage in Adelaide is Essence of Health in Brighton.

Reduced pain and swelling

It is not uncommon for expectant mothers to experience distress in their lower backs, necks, legs and sciatica. The associated pressures of pregnancy on these areas can cause the nerves to become inflamed and swell. We have found that one of the most effective ways to reduce the swelling is by using regular massage sessions to reduce any pain by stimulating the tissue areas.

One of the common issues of pregnancy is swollen feet and to a lesser extent, in the hands. Massage therapies can reduce the pain and tightness by manipulating, moving and redistributing the fluid that has been building in your extremities.

Our Brighton massage services provide pregnancy massage from trained and qualified practitioners will relieve all forms of muscular tension. It will also actively reduce motor neuron activity which in turn helps calm ailments like leg cramps.

Increasing blood circulation

With massage the stimulation of your bodily tissues increases blood flow and circulation. This will help provide more oxygen and nutrients to both mother and baby. It has also been found to help with the toxins reduction and waste by the lymph system. Essence of Health’s practitioners are fully qualified to conduct a full range of massage services in Adelaide.

Treating the discomforts of pregnancy

There are many common symptoms experienced during the term of pregnancy – aside from the body pain, swelling and circulation problems! Expectant mums do suffer from increased fatigue, headaches, acid reflux, cramps amongst other ailments. Massage can help provide comfort for a smoother and pain less (but not painless unfortunately!) pregnancy. Massage can also assist with neck, shoulder and lower back pain or discomfort.

Birth preparation

As your baby grows, as well as your stomach, massage can help you support the additional body weight as it helps your body tissues, ligaments and muscles to adjust to the changes in your body. Massage also aids your posture and also correct the changing alignment of your body. The leading provider of pregnancy massage in the southern suburbs is Essence of Health in Brighton.

Reducing the likelihood of Premature Birth

Research studies have found that mums that received regular massage treatments were less likely to experience a premature birth than those mums that did not receive any massage therapies at all.

Come and see us, We are the pregnancy massage specialists in the South of Adelaide. Our office is in Brighton, South Australia.