Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Support

The joy a women experience’s when she finds out she is pregnant is like no other. The symptoms that can accompany pregnancy are also like no other. Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Massage maybe able to help through pregnancy.No matter the Stage of your pregnancy, Essence of Health is a multidisciplinary clinic offering a wide range of treatment modalities that may support you…every step of the way.

Essence of health offers Acupuncture, Nutritional Medicine and the incorporation of Naturopathy to pregnant women, to give them the highest level of personalised care. We also suggest looking atLifestyle, Diet and Supplementation as part of an ongoing service to ensure optimal health and nutrition in the lead up to and during your pregnancy.

Sandra has a particular interest in supporting patients throughout their entire pregnancy andmay be able to help pregnant women with: pregnancy related musculoskeletal pains and nausea and vomiting.

Natural Labour Preparation and Induction

Sandra is a highly regarded Acupuncturist, who works with Flinders Birthing Centre and Women’s and Children’s Birthing Centre patients in conjunction with their midwives to help in supporting natural labour preparation and induction.