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Natural Medicine

The importance of Natural medicine

The natural therapeutic approach is intended to ensure that constant effort of the body’s life force is always in the directions of self-cleansing, repair and positive health. Natural medicine promotes treatments based on a holistic approach, with concern for underlying causes, rather than healing only with the presenting symptoms.

Various factors contributing to ill health and imbalance may be due to an accumulation of toxins and loss of energy and vitality.

The mechanism for such accumulation is as follows:

When our body becomes tired and exhausted and we experience loss of vitality, there is also a general slowing down of the normal elimination processes through the liver, bowel, lungs, kidneys and skin.  Not to mention if we are “genetically” compromised in detoxing (functional pathology blood tests are available to check if this can be an issue) This can result in retention of wastes which may not be significant over a few days, but over months and years can lead to toxicity. The process can work in reverse, refined foods and imbalanced diets give rise to indigestion, faulty elimination and consequent lack of tone or vitality in all the cells and tissues of the body. In most cases people may not have an illness, and blood test may show up fine, however they still feel like they’re not themselves and complain of feeling tired, sluggish, lack of vitality and concentration.

Incorporating Natural Medicine along with diet and lifestyle modifications can improve your metabolic and detoxification pathways to support the way your body eliminates toxins. This in turn improve your overall health and give your body a renewed sense of vitality and energy.

To find out more about our clinical Naturopath and Nutritionist and how they may be able to help you, please click on the relevant links.


Sandra consults with patients for IVF Support, Natural Fertility and is only accepting new patients for IVF and Fertility at this time. She will continue to offer Naturopathic Consults to existing IVF, Natural Fertility and pregnant patients.

Sandra looks at the various factors contributing to infertility. She believes everyone’s response to such factors is different which may or may not affect fertility. It also cannot be ignored that those who are affected are often left without answers as to why trying to conceive has become so difficult, and why their body is not regulating or processing their hormones correctly.

Sandra incorporates the complementary therapies of Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Chinese Medicine as part of her Acupuncture treatments to give patients the highest level of personalized care. Diet and supplementation advice is also recommended as part of an ongoing service to ensure optimal health.

Natural Fertility & IVF Cycles

Sandra works closely with couples trying to conceive, and will combine Naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine to tailor supplements to your cycle and history. Sandra has been involved in IVF support for over 16 years and understands which supplements can be used during an IVF cycle.

Sandra provides reviews to see what changes have been experienced and can tweak supplements or herbs to further support and enhance reproductive health.

Sandra has a particular interest in improving egg and sperm quality, and this comes down to her knowledge in nutritional medicine.  Sandra promotes products that have TGA approved ingredients that have undergone clinical trials to show benefit and efficacy in relation to IVF improvement in egg and sperm quality, natural fertility and gynaecological conditions.

Sandra believes in looking at all the factors both for female and male fertility and recommends a simple, easy to follow nutritional treatment plan based on supporting fertility health.

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Naturopathic Consultations are available face-to-face, or via Skype or Telehealth.

Part 1. Consultation

The first part is dedicated to going through your health questionnaire as well as any other relevant information that may be required. It is important at this time for our Naturopath’s to get a good understanding of your health goals and how you are feeling not just physically, but also how your health concerns may be impacting you mentally or emotionally.

Part 2. Recommendations

The second part occurs once the consultation is finished. Our Naturopath’s make a final review of your consultation as well as reviewing relevant blood tests or results and formulating a treatment and diet plan.

Our reception staff will organise all the treatment plan information and send it to you via email along with any blood test or supplement recommendations.

Normally we recommend a follow up appointment to monitor your progress and make any necessary changes at that time. Any supplements that are recommended can be posted out to you or arranged to be collected at the clinic.

Review Appointments

15 minute or 30 minute review appointments can be organised to follow-up on the recommendations and make any adjustments to your treatment plan as needed.

natropath adelaide

Distance Naturopathic consultations are an easy and convenient option for many patients who are wanting advice via phone or online. This option is available to both new patients or existing patients needing a review consultation but cannot access the clinic.

If you would like to book a Distance Naturopathic consultation, please contact us on 08 8296 4333 or via the Contact Us page.