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Phone Consultations with Sandra Sapio

Distance Naturopath consultations are an easy and convenient option for many patients who are wanting advice via phone or online. This option is available to both new patients or existing patients needing a review consultation but cannot access the clinic.

New Patients

Upon making an appointment, you will receive an email with a detailed new patient information form that will ask questions about all the relevant information we will need relating to your health. This allows us as much information as possible about your lifestyle, diet, medications, current and past-history health, procedures or significant health events as well as presenting symptoms.

For IVF patients an additional form is sent out for you to complete which give us details on previous IVF cycles, the medications used and the outcomes with each cycle whether stimulated (fresh) or frozen cycles.

New Patient Naturopath Video Appointments: Click here to book a time
[Cost is $150.00 – please note, we have reduced the price while our office is closed during COVID-19]

New Patient-Women’s Health Naturopath Video Appointments: Click here to book a time
[Cost is $120.00 – please note, we have reduced the price while our office is closed during COVID-19]


If you require a joint fertility support consultation for both you and your partner, we also offer a reduced fee for couples. This is a popular option for couples who cannot attend the clinic in person due to working outside normal business hours.

Couples Naturopath Video Appointments for Fertility Support: Click here to book a time
[Cost is $150.00- please note, we have reduced the price while our office is closed during COVID-19]

The treatment comprises of up to an hour split into two sections:

The first part is dedicated to going through your health questionnaire as well as any other relevant information that Sandra may require. It is important at this time for Sandra to get a good understanding of your health goals and how you are feeling not just physically, but also how your health concerns may be impacting you mentally or emotionally.

The second part occurs once the consultation is finished and involves Sandra making a final review of your consultation as well as reviewing relevant blood tests or results and formulating a treatment plan.

Our reception staff will organise all the treatment plan information and send it to you along with any diet or supplement recommendations she may have. Sandra may at times require you to have some additional test she feels would be beneficial, and our staff will email you the forms if necessary Normally we recommend a follow up appointment to monitor your progress and make any necessary changes at that time. Any supplements that are recommended by Sandra can be posted out to you or arranged to be collected at the clinic.

Review Naturopath Consultations [Audio-Video]

A Naturopath review appointment is available for patients as a subsequent review to their initial appointment or existing patients needing a phone consultation to discuss their treatment plan or any changes to their fertility journey.

Reviews cater to either patients needing a standard review of up to 30 min or a short review of up to 15 min.

What’s involved in a review?

Standard Review [30 minutes]

  • Progress checks on your health
  • Modifications to your treatment plan
  • Review of any test results
  • Discuss any new events or factors that could change treatment goals
  • Review physical, mental and emotional well-being and any changes to symptoms
  • Cost is $65.00 – please note, we have reduced the price while our office is closed during COVID-19]

Existing Patients Naturopath Standard Review: Click here to book an appointment

Short Review [15 minutes]

This option if for existing naturopath or Acupuncture patients who consult with Sandra on a regular basis and are needing a review based on any changes to their fertility journey, recent blood results, IVF cycle changes. Supplement or dietary changes and question can be included to this review.

Existing Patients Naturopath Short Review: Click here to book an appointment
[Cost is $40.00 – please note, we have reduced the price while our office is closed during COVID-19]

Book a phone consultation with Sandra

Sandra is the clinic’s Naturopath and Acupuncturist. With a strong interest and passion in IVF support, reproductive health, natural fertility, and hormone balancing.

Sandra looks at the various factors contributing to infertility and hormone imbalances. She believes everyone’s response to such factors is different which may or may not affect fertility and hormone health. It also cannot be ignored that those who are affected are often left without answers as to why trying to conceive has become so difficult, and why their body is not regulating or processing their hormones correctly.

Sandra incorporates the complementary therapies of Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine as part of her Acupuncture treatments to give patients the highest level of personalized care. Diet and Supplementation advice is also recommended as part of an ongoing service to ensure optimal health.

Sandra has a particular interest in improving egg and sperm quality, and this comes down to her knowledge in nutritional medicine.  Sandra promotes products that have TGA approved ingredients that have undergone clinical trials to show benefit and efficacy in relation to IVF improvement in egg and sperm quality, Natural fertility and gynecological conditions.

Sandra believes in looking at all the factors both for female and male fertility and recommends a Nutritional treatment plan based on a couple’s current test results, history and age, which may provide assistance.

Sandra has also had extensive experience and ongoing success with supporting hormone imbalances. As a mother of two children and a busy clinic, she understands first hand the importance in supporting the body’s hormones and adrenals. She has helped hundreds of women to feel a renewed sense of balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Some of the common symptoms treated and supported include;


Heavy periods, period pain, skin issues, low libido, fluid retention, weight gain, fatigue, hormonal night sweats,


Lack of concentration, headaches, migraines, uncontrollable cravings, insomnia


Stress, irritability, volatility, mood swings, anxious, sad and teary

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