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IVF & Fertility Support

With an increase number of couples and women requiring IVF, helping your body physically and emotionally may be supported through the treatment of Acupuncture by an experienced Acupuncturist.

Sandra Sapio – Acupuncture for IVF Support

Sandra has been practicing since 2003 and has an interest in supporting women and couples going through fertility treatments.

Sandra is a well trusted and highly regarded Acupuncturist who has become a highly referred to by our patients and other Allied health care practitioners in Adelaide.

Sandra is extremely passionate about helping couples, and women wanting to achieve their dream of becoming parents and mothersand has supported hundreds of women through their IVF journey.As part of her commitment, Sandra also consults outside normal clinic hours and public holidays.

Acupuncture treatment can be provided at any stage prior to commencing, during fertility treatments such as IVF,and beyond.

Sandra incorporates Naturopathy as part of her Acupuncture treatments to give patients the highest level of personalised care. Diet and Supplementation advice is also recommended as part of an ongoing service to ensure optimal health.

Traditional Chinese medicine techniques and Acupuncture used in clinical trials (refer link below) are presently being researched to determine if they have any benefits for women undergoing IVF.

Sandra has a special interest in supporting women who have more complex issue that can compromise IVF outcomes.

  • Endometriosis
  • Unexplained miscarriages
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Poor egg and sperm quality

To read more about Clinical Trial click here

Pregnancy Support baby

Difficulty in falling pregnant is rapidly on the rise. Each person’s individual circumstance and response is different, and lifestyle factors may or may not affect fertility.However, it can’t be ignored that those who are affected are often left without answers to why, trying to conceive has become so difficult.

Some couples may find having a baby is not as easy as they thought, often trying up to a year or more with no success. Others may find they are able to get pregnant but miscarry shortly after. There is also now becoming a large percentage of secondary infertility, where a couple may have had no issues conceiving their first child, only to find they are struggling to conceive again.

Essence of Health is a multidisciplinary clinic offering a wide range of treatment modalities to provide you with support on your journey.


Sandra Sapio has a particular interest and dedicated focus in her practice towards supporting Natural Fertility and has been practicing since 2003. Essence of Health has become a highly referred to clinic by our patients and other Allied health care practitioners in Adelaide for couples trying to increase their chances of Natural conception.

We have literally hundreds of babies of mothers and couples who used our clinic to help support them in their journey, some more complex than others, but each just as special.

The clinic uses Naturopathy and forms of Traditional Chinese medicine such as Acupuncture and herbs. There is continuing research about how the selection of specific supplements in Naturopathy may support an improvement in gynecological conditions and IVF treatment. Health practitioners may
recommend acupuncture as an adjunct treatment that may assist with IVF treatment.

Natural Medicine

As many as 8O% of all miscarriages happen within the first trimester. Support within the first trimester is recommended to reduce the physical and emotional stress associated with the trauma, anxiety and grief experienced from previous losses. The traditional Chinese medicine philosophy is all about the movement of “Qi”. If the flow of Qi becomes blocked, or there is inadequate supply of Qi, the body fails to maintain harmony and the potential for blood flow restrictions could occur. Practitioners of Chinese Medicine believe that the stronger the Qi, the stronger the blood flow, as Qi influences blood. Building a good endometrial lining for women undergoing IVF treatment is important prior to conception and one way that may help build it is by improving the blood flow throughout the body. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs attempt to improve Qi and blood flow, which may help with building a good endometrial lining.

Our clinic offers Acupuncture which may be able to help pregnant women throughout their entire pregnancy with some symptoms such as pregnancy related musculoskeletal pains and nausea and vomiting.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal formulas used at the clinic are classified as A grade, manufactured in Australia “Good Manufacturing Practice” in a certified facility, which are produced to the most rigorous standards. We carry a large selection of Chinese herbal formulas that are commonly used to support fertility, and the ability to order many more formulas that will be chosen to best suit your individual needs.

Nutritional Medicine

In addition to care and advice provided by your health practitioner, Lifestyle, Diet and Supplementation advice is recommended as part of an ongoing service to ensure optimal health and nutrition in the lead up and during your pregnancy.

Sandra prescribes formulas containing premium quality vitamins, mineral, antioxidants, herbs, EFA and amino acids that have fundamental nutrients required in the growth and development of cells and their structure and division.

Naturopathy is also incorporated into treatments to give patients the highest level of personalised care.


Pregnancy & breastfeeding support

The joy a women experience’s when she finds out she is pregnant is like no other. The symptoms that can accompany pregnancy are also like no other. Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Massage maybe able to help through pregnancy.No matter the Stage of your pregnancy, Essence of Health is a multidisciplinary clinic offering a wide range of treatment modalities that may support you…every step of the way.

Essence of health offers Acupuncture, Nutritional Medicine and the incorporation of Naturopathy to pregnant women, to give them the highest level of personalised care. We also suggest looking atLifestyle, Diet and Supplementation as part of an ongoing service to ensure optimal health and nutrition in the lead up to and during your pregnancy.

Sandra has a particular interest in supporting patients throughout their entire pregnancy andmay be able to help pregnant women with: pregnancy related musculoskeletal pains and nausea and vomiting.

Natural labour preparation and induction

Sandra is a highly regarded Acupuncturist, who works with Flinders Birthing Centre and Women’s and Children’s Birthing Centre patients in conjunction with their midwives to help in supporting natural labour preparation and induction.


Preconception care

Preconception care Is so important and sometimes unintentionally avoided by couples in the natural desire to want to become pregnant once they decide they are ready to start a family.  In most cases preconception care can form the foundation for successful fertility once a couple starts trying to conceive.

Some patients may want or need to wait a few months before trying to conceive again and work on any nutritional and hormonal balances that may be an issue as well as helping themselves rebalance emotionally..  Diet and Lifestyle factors could also be a contributing factor and are assess and implemented as part of a preconception plan.


One of the essential factors contributing to a healthy pregnancy is ensuring that your body is getting the right amount of much needed essential vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids for your growing baby and your well being.  Nutritional advice and nutritional treatment can be  incorporated if deficiencies arise which may support the body in achieving a healthy pregnancy.  Postnatal and lactation supplements are also available, formulated in supporting breastfeeding and women’s health and well being

To find out more about how our Naturopath and Nutritionist can help you, please refer to their below links.

Sandra Sapio – Acupuncturist & Naturopath
Bernie Woolcock – Acupuncturist & Nutritionist

Phone Consultations with Sandra Sapio

Distance Naturopath consultations are an easy and convenient option for many patients who are wanting advice via phone or online. This option is available to both new patients or existing patients needing a review consultation but cannot access the clinic.

New Patients

Upon making an appointment, you will receive an email with a detailed new patient information form that will ask questions about all the relevant information we will need relating to your health. This allows us as much information as possible about your lifestyle, diet, medications, current and past-history health, procedures or significant health events as well as presenting symptoms.

For IVF patients an additional form is sent out for you to complete which give us details on previous IVF cycles, the medications used and the outcomes with each cycle whether stimulated (fresh) or frozen cycles.

New Patient Naturopath Video Appointments: Click here to book a time

New Patient-Women’s Health Naturopath Video Appointments: Click here to book a time


If you require a joint fertility support consultation for both you and your partner, we also offer a reduced fee for couples. This is a popular option for couples who cannot attend the clinic in person due to working outside normal business hours.

Couples Naturopath Video Appointments for Fertility Support: Click here to book a time

The treatment comprises of up to an hour split into two sections:

The first part is dedicated to going through your health questionnaire as well as any other relevant information that Sandra may require. It is important at this time for Sandra to get a good understanding of your health goals and how you are feeling not just physically, but also how your health concerns may be impacting you mentally or emotionally.

The second part occurs once the consultation is finished and involves Sandra making a final review of your consultation as well as reviewing relevant blood tests or results and formulating a treatment plan.

Our reception staff will organise all the treatment plan information and send it to you along with any diet or supplement recommendations she may have. Sandra may at times require you to have some additional test she feels would be beneficial, and our staff will email you the forms if necessary Normally we recommend a follow up appointment to monitor your progress and make any necessary changes at that time. Any supplements that are recommended by Sandra can be posted out to you or arranged to be collected at the clinic.

Review Naturopath Consultations [Audio-Video]

A Naturopath review appointment is available for patients as a subsequent review to their initial appointment or existing patients needing a phone consultation to discuss their treatment plan or any changes to their fertility journey.

Reviews cater to either patients needing a standard review of up to 30 min or a short review of up to 15 min.

What’s involved in a review?

Standard Review [30 minutes]

  • Progress checks on your health
  • Modifications to your treatment plan
  • Review of any test results
  • Discuss any new events or factors that could change treatment goals
  • Review physical, mental and emotional well-being and any changes to symptoms
  • Cost is $65.00 – please note, we have reduced the price while our office is closed during COVID-19]

Existing Patients Naturopath Standard Review: Click here to book an appointment

Short Review [15 minutes]

This option if for existing naturopath or Acupuncture patients who consult with Sandra on a regular basis and are needing a review based on any changes to their fertility journey, recent blood results, IVF cycle changes. Supplement or dietary changes and question can be included to this review.

Existing Patients Naturopath Short Review: Click here to book an appointment
[Cost is $40.00 – please note, we have reduced the price while our office is closed during COVID-19]

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