Natural Labour Induction support

Sandra is a well trusted and highly regarded Acupuncturist, who works with Flinders Birthing Centre and Women’s and Children’s Birthing Centre patients in conjunction with their midwives to help in supporting natural labour preparation

Natural labour Preparation

Acupuncture may help increase the chances of an uncomplicated labor and natural Birth.

Natural Labour Induction

Acupuncture treatments proceeding the preparation phase change slightly and in Chinese medicine are aimed at helping to stimulate the body and the natural processes that are required to go into natural labour.

Acupuncture points may also help to stimulate the uterus and initiate more ‘Braxton’ practice contractions.

The impact of acupuncture on labour is the subject of continuing research. For example,. Aa review of controlled trials on the effects of acupuncture for on labour inductionby research charity Cochrane published in 2017 found that acupuncture hormonesshowed some benefit in improving cervical maturity.

Depending on the circumstance weekly treatments are commenced from 32-34 weeks and are aimed at helping with preparing the physical body for the induction process. An important focus of Acupuncture is not only to try to prepare the body physically but to help ensure that mentally and emotionally the body remains relaxed and calm about the birthing process.

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Post Natal Recovery

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs may be able to help support new mothers struggling with breastfeeding due to insufficient lactation. This can be a stressful time for some woman, and Acupuncture treatment supports the relaxation of the nervous system to assist alongside with the postnatal treatment.

Massage for Labour Preparation

Pregnancy massage may be able to facilitate the preparation of for forlabour by releasing any muscular tension and treating any joint and ligament pain, so that there is increased mobility, along with assist to improv posture and help the change alignment of your body

Labour preparation treatments may also help to relax the mind and body, by easing tension and helping to create a clear and grounded space, which in turn has the potential in womana leaving feeling more emotionally balanced for the labour.

Natural labour Preparation

Acupuncture and Massage may help a woman relax and encourage the natural onset of labour.

Pregnancy Massage is start at any stage of the pregnancy, as the massage is adjusted based on your needs and what stage of the pregnancy you are at. Preparation treatments are commenced from 34-35 weeks and are aimed at helping with relaxing any tension and improving joint mobility. This along with acupuncture may provide the opportunity for the baby to move into the correct position and preparing the physical body for the induction process. An important focus of Acupuncture & Massage is not only to prepare the body physically but to also support the nervous system ensureso that mentally and emotionally the body has the potential of remaining relaxed and calm throughout the birthing process.

Aside from focusing on the Labour preparation, there are many other potential benefits that massage may provide at any stage of pregnancy and include:

  • Reduce pain, tension and distress in the lower back, neck, legs and sciatic region.
  • Reduce fluid retention ‘odema’
  • Help relieve tension headaches, caused by neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Improve circulation, by stimulating blood flow
  • Increases energy and a reduced sense of fatigue
  • Brings about a deep relaxation, and can work well in conjunction with mums wanting to use hypnobirthing
  • Relief of the everyday discomforts of pregnancy such as back pain, joint pain, neck pain, headaches, pelvic pain, and leg cramps, by targeting specific trigger points and muscle tension
  • Reduces excess fluid retention which generally manifests as swelling in the hands and ankles
  • Reduced sciatica pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved sleep from being more relaxed, reduced muscle tension and feeling less uncomfortable.
  • A greater sense of relaxation which may lead to the improvement in the progression of labour.