IVF Acupuncture

With an increase number of couples and women needing IVF, for many reasons, helping increase your chances of success is the ultimate goal.Helping your body physically, mentally and emotionally can be effectively achieved through the treatment of Acupuncture by an experienced IVF Acupuncturist.

Sandra Sapio – Acupuncture IVF & Fertility Specialist

Sandra has been practicing since 2003, and has established one of the most successful Natural Fertility, IVF Support and Pregnancy Acupuncture clinics in Adelaide.Sandra Sapio is also a well trusted and highly regarded Acupuncturist, recommended by many leading IVF Specialists and Fertility Clinics in Adelaide.

Sandra incorporates Naturopathy as part of her Acupuncture treatments to give patients the highest level of personalised care.  Diet and Supplementation advice is also recommended as part of an ongoing service to ensure optimal health in the lead up and during the IVF Cycle.

Sandra is extremely passionate about helping couples, and women wanting to achieve their dream of becoming parents and mothers and has a very high success rate of women becoming pregnant through IVF acupuncture assistance.As part of her commitment to helping her patients achieve success, Sandra also consults outside normal business and clinic hours Monday through Saturday, and public holidays, so that patients will be able to have treatment before and after their transfer.

Understanding the emotional strain going through IVF can place on a woman, Sandra is caring and sensitive to the needs of patients who need the extra emotional support and places a large emphasis on Stress Reduction, Anxiety, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques to her treatment plan.

Acupuncture – Increasing IVF Success

Acupuncture is now becoming recommended by most fertility clinics as an additional therapy to explore when wanting to increase the success of IVF.

Clinical trials around the world show that couples undergoing IVF had increased pregnancy rates, when treated with Acupuncture, than those using IVF alone.

Some of the keybenefits of IVF Acupuncture for Female and Male fertility are;

  • Enhance ovarian function and follicle stimulation
  • Improve egg and sperm quality
  • Increase blood perfusion to the uterus
  • Help build a thicker, triple-layer endometrial lining
  • Enhance endometrial receptivity and Embryo Implantation
  • Improve gynecological conditions
  • Treating PCO, PCOS, and reducing the effects of Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation
  • Treating Endometriosis and inflammation of the uterus
  • Reduce associated Stress and Anxiety
  • Preventing reoccurring miscarriages
  • Improving both Female and Male Fertility

To read more about the amazing IVF Success stories and referrals from Sandra’s patients we invite you to click on the Messages of Hope link

Acupuncture Treatment Recommendations

Depending on your circumstance, we generally recommend commending Acupuncture weekly, for six weeks prior to embryo transfer or approximately a month from your IVF cycle starting.  If your IVF transfer is less than six weeks away, any treatment you have with acupuncture beforehand will be beneficial and twice weekly can be scheduled to help increase the accumulative effect needed to help enhance the physical benefits of Acupuncture.

A pre and post Acupuncture, treatment is given on the day of transfer, with allowance for patients to travel to and back from their Fertility Clinic, regardless of the time of transfer!

Following embryo transfer, treatment is recommended 2-3 days after for implantation support and should be scheduled as close to implant as possible.

Sandra specialises in Acupuncture pregnancy support and miscarriage prevention treatments and continues to assist patients through the first trimester and their entire pregnancy.

Acupuncture in the first trimester can assist with increasing micro-circulation to the uterus, which can help prevent blood flow restrictions.  Enhanced circulation provides optimal nourishment to a growing embryo and can help in preventing clotting factors and reoccurring miscarriage.  As each week progresses the rate of miscarriage drops and after the first trimester,treatment is extended to monthly, to help maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Nutritional Medicine for IVF

The key to a successful IVF journey, may be as easy as having Acupuncture for some, however there’s couple who need Advanced Nutritional Medicine to help them achieve the best outcome for their next IVF cycle.  Sandra’s results in improving egg and sperm quality and fertilization rates and healthier embryos, comes down to her knowledge in nutritional medicine and the key factors that could be influencing a couples success through IVF.  Often couples have no luck with embryo fertilization or have poor quality embryos and are left to repeat cycle upon cycle with no luck.  Sandra looks at all the factors both for female and male infertility and recommends a Nutritional treatment plan based on a couples IVF history and age.