Physiotherapy For Endometriosis

by Sandra Sapio on June 13, 2023

While there is currently no cure for endometriosis, there are a few things you can do to help manage your symptoms and improve you are quality of life.

Proper diagnosis is the first step, this may result in surgery to remove any endometrial cells.

Apart from surgery, you can try to change your diet, get regular acupuncture and use other pain-relieving treatments.

But did you know that physiotherapy can help with endometriosis related pain and discomfort?

Here are 5 ways it may help:

• Due to the pain of endometriosis, many sufferers end up bed or couch bound for a period of time each month. This leads to tight muscles in the back, hips and abdomen leading to more pain. A physiotherapist can help to relax these muscles which may relieve the pain.
• Your Physiotherapist will work out a plan for you to remain active on your good and bad days. On your good days, you will look at more strengthening exercises. On the bad days, it will be more gentle stretching and relaxing techniques.
• A Physiotherapist will be able to assess the involvement of your pelvic floor and help to either relax or strengthen this area of the body. Usually in endometriosis, the pelvic floor is overactive.
• A Physiotherapist can help you to recover from surgery.
• A Physiotherapist can help you to understand how pain works and how it affects all parts of the body – physically and emotionally.

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