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Essence of Health was created by Sandra Sapio in 2002 and is an integrated Natural Health and Medicine Clinic which has a great team of caring and highly skilled practitioners offering Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Advanced Nutritional Medicine and Massage Therapy.

“I wanted to create a clinic where patients could come in for a consultation/treatment and leave feeling so much better within themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally and feel a renewed positivity about their current health issues and life.  I also wanted to create a positive vibe in the clinic that would not only come from how sincere and passionate we all are about what we do, but from patients themselves and how positive they felt about the healthcare we provide.  The journey and relationship that forms when helping someone through some of the most challenging obstacles of their life, means that they become a patient for life.  I still enjoy and continue to see patients long after having completed their family as health and wellbeing is truly a journey itself’’.

The clinic’s philosophy is that good health isn’t just about our physical wellbeing but instead the essence of goodhealth comes fromensuring we are balanced physically, mentally and emotionally.  Essence of Health provides a team of dedicated health care practitioners to support all elements of Health.

The clinic’s main specialty and successful reputation comes from its commitment in helping with IVF Acupuncture support, natural fertility treatment, pregnancy support and hormone balancing. Sandra has been extremely dedicated in building a clinic where patients knew she and the practitioners within the clinic truly cared about their patients.  The clinic also offers a wide range of massage therapies to suit your individual needs.  The clinic’s massage therapist is well diversified and trained in a variety of styles, with the main goal of utilising their techniques to achieve optimal health and healing for their patients.




Meet The Team

Sandra Sapio
Sandra Sapio is a qualified Acupuncturist and Naturopath who has been practicing in Adelaide since 2003, with a background in the natural health industry spanning over 20 years. Sandra has ...Read More
Tony Sapio
Tony is a highly trained and skilled Remedial & Sports Massage therapist who has been practicing in Adelaide since 2003.  Tony successfully treats many acute and chronic muscle and joint ...Read More
Jess is our clinical receptionist and administrator.
Haylee is our clinical receptionist and administrator.


Acupuncture or Naturopathy, which will I need?

Often a patient may come to their first consultation and not know whether it is acupuncture or naturopathy that will best help them.

Acupuncture and naturopathy are the quintessential East meets West in the natural therapy world. Both have their benefits in assisting with fertility and hormone related concerns.  Sandra primarily uses acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine as the foundation for helping anyone overcome fertility or hormone related issues, however incorporates a large part of naturopathy into her ongoing treatment.

One of the many benefits of seeing Sandra who is both an acupuncturist and a naturopath, is that patients receive the ongoing continued naturopathic care during their acupuncture treatments without the extra cost.

What is involved in an Initial Consultation and how long will the appointment be?

At an Initial Consultation Sandra, who is both an Acupuncturist and Naturopath will go through your history which (depending on the purpose of your visit) would include your history of IVF cycles, your natural cycles, gynaecological history, your general well-being and any dietary advice during the first half of the session. The second part of the session is the acupuncture treatment. We recommend allowing approximately one hour for your first visit. Any follow up treatment consists of a shorter consultation time and an acupuncture treatment.

I’m about to start an IVF cycle. How many treatments would you recommend?

We always allocate priority appointments for IVF patients, especially those who are starting their cycle soon. We normally recommend weekly acupuncture treatments for 6 weeks before your embryo transfer or one month before your menstrual cycle begins. This amount of treatment allows for an accumulative effect which can help not just with a stimulated cycle and improving egg numbers and sizes but can also help with getting circulation at is optimum for implantation.

What treatment do you recommend for natural fertility?

We use a combination of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs and because Sandra is a Naturopath, she can also go through any dietary or supplement advice that may assist also. We have found that a combination of acupuncture and herbs are by far the most successful form of treatment for natural fertility.Sandra uses up to 25 different Chinese herbal fertility combinations which are based on your individual hormone profile and fertility needs.

My cycles are irregular, what can be done to help?

We stock specific herbs that in conjunction with acupuncture can help stimulate ovulation induction. The treatment can take approximately 5-6 weeks to get a period if you haven’t had a cycle for a while or to help regulate the cycle.

Most patients who have irregular cycles will find their cycle regulates within the first month and stays consistent, making it much easier to know when to try to conceive. The herbs are also fertility enhancing so patients who weren’t too sure of the signs before can become more aware of what their body is doing.

When would you start natural labour preparation/induction?

We prefer to start acupuncture treatment at 34 weeks and have weekly sessions as the aim is to not go too far past 40 weeks. On average most patients will go into labour between 39 weeks and 40 weeks and 4 days.

If you’re already overdue or very close to your due date any acupuncture treatment that you receive will make a difference. We would recommend booking an initial appointment as soon as possible followed by another appointment two days later as 80% of the time if it hasn’t worked in the first treatment after you are due, it is likely to work after the second.

I have tightness and pain in my neck and shoulder area. Would massage or acupuncture be better suited to me?

We recommend booking an appointment with our qualified and highly skilled massage therapists. First they can target the area of concern and use different techniques to reduce and relieve pain in that area. Massage can also be a great treatment for stress and anxiety which can also be a trigger for tightness in the shoulder area. Therapeutic massage has a fantastic relaxation effect on the mind and body.

Supplements, are all brands the same?

Not all supplements are created equally.

Before selecting any product it’s important to know whether or not that brand is the best one for you. Not all supplements are created equally and the quality can greatly differ between brands.

Sandra chooses to use practitioner only products which are shown to have some of the highest quality of ingredients based on the level of: clinical research, safety and toxicity, active constituents, heavy metals and pesticide testing.

Is it also important that when choosing a product, you know that the absorbency offered from that product is of the highest potential.

As Sandra is a qualified Naturopath and holds a Diploma in Nutritional Medicine,she can advise on which supplements have high absorbency and efficacy and which combinations will meet all the requirements that your body needs based on blood tests/saliva hormone profiles that she will be able to request for testing (if required).