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Essence of Health was created by Sandra Sapio in 2002 and is an integrated natural health and medicine clinic which has a great team of caring and highly skilled practitioners offering Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Massage Therapy.

“I wanted to create a clinic where patients could come in for a consultation/treatment and leave feeling so much better within themselves; physically, mentally and emotionally and feel a renewed positivity about their current health issues and life.  I also wanted to create a positive vibe in the clinic that would not only come from how sincere and passionate we all are about what we do, but from patients themselves and how positive they felt about the healthcare we provide.  The journey and relationship that forms when supporting someone through some of the most challenging obstacles of their life, means that they become a patient for life.  We still enjoy and continue to see patients long after having completed their family as health and wellbeing is truly a journey itself’’.

The clinic’s philosophy is that good health isn’t just about our physical wellbeing but instead the essence of good health comes from ensuring we are balanced physically, mentally and emotionally.  Essence of Health provides a team of dedicated health care practitioners to support all elements of Health.

Sandra has been extremely passionate and genuinely committed in building a clinic where patients knew she and the practitioners within the clinic truly cared about their patients.

Essence of Health strives to provide treatment that is complementary, allowing us to work together with other health care professionals, Dr’s and specialist in the field!  We support the need for a patient to want to have a great team of professionals helping them.




Our Team

Sandra Sapio
Sandra Sapio is a qualified Acupuncturist and Naturopath who has been practicing in Adelaide since 2002, with a background in the natural health industry spanning over 22 years. Sandra has ...Read More
Tony Sapio
Tony is a highly trained and skilled Remedial & Sports Massage therapist and a NutureLife®Pregnancy massage therapist who has been practicing in Adelaide since 2003. A NuturLife® practitioner is a ...Read More
Jessis our clinic manager and has also provided additional support to patients as a practitioner’s assistant. Jess isa not only a smiling and compassionate team member that patients can get ...Read More
Cobi is our clinic receptionist and she provides a cheerful and nurturing energy and is an amazing support to patientsas a practitioner’s assistant. Cobi has experienced her own personal journey ...Read More


Acupuncture or Naturopathy, which will I need?

Often a patient may come to their first consultation and not know whether it is acupuncture or naturopathy that will best help them.

Acupuncture and naturopathy are the quintessential East meets West in the natural therapy world. One of the many benefits of seeing Sandra who is both an acupuncturist and a naturopath, is that patients receive the ongoing continued naturopathic care during their acupuncture treatments without the extra cost.  Sandra can also schedule Naturopathy consultations for her patients if theyare more complex health issues they need to discuss and work through.

What is involved in an Initial Consultation and how long will the appointment be?

At an Initial Consultation Sandra, who is both an Acupuncturist and Naturopath will go through your history which (depending on the purpose of your visit) would include your relevant medical history, your general well-being and any dietary advice during the first half of the session. The second part of the session is the acupuncture treatment. We recommend allowing approximately one hour for your first visit. Any follow up treatment consists of a shorter consultation time and an acupuncture treatment.

I have tightness and pain in my neck and shoulder area. Would massage or acupuncture be better suited to me?

We recommend booking an appointment with our qualified and highly skilled massage therapist. Treatment will be focused on the area of concern, with the use of different techniques which may reduce and relieve pain in that area.Massage therapy aims to encourage a sense of deep relaxation effect on the mind and body.

Supplements, are all brands the same?

Before selecting any product it’s important to know if that formulation or strength isthe best one for you.  Quality and purity of herbs and supplements can vary depending on manufacturers.

Sandra chooses to use practitioner only products which are shown to have some of the highest quality of ingredients based on the level of: clinical research, therapeutic effect, active constituents, and the filtration and removal of heavy metals and pesticides in testing and manufacturing.

When choosing a product, it is also important to know that the absorbency offered from that product is of the highest potential.

As Sandra is a qualified Naturopath and holds a Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, she can advise on which supplements have high absorbency and efficacy and which combinations will meet all the requirements that your body needs based on blood tests/saliva hormone profiles that she will be able to request for testing (if required).