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Top 5 ways to manage back pain

Back pain affects so many people at some stage in their life. The pain can be acute or chronic, and can affect quality of life.
Here are our top 5 ways to manage back pain:
🔴 See a Chiropractor. Chiropractic works to increase range of motion of joints in the back, increase strength in the back, and reduce tension and increase flexibility of back muscles. A number of studies recognise Chiropractic as an appropriate treatment method for back pain.
🟠 See a Physiotherapist. Physiotherapy aims to restore the function of poorly moving muscle joints in order to reduce muscle tension and improve muscle strength. Treatments are specific to you and may involve spinal and soft tissue mobilisation, advice on how to strengthen your core, exercises and hot and cold therapy.
🟡 Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. An anti-inflammatory diet can help to manage and control back pain. This is due to the high amounts of antioxidants in an anti-inflammatory diet. These antioxidants can have anti-inflammatory effect.
🟢 Take supplements tailored for you. There are a number of nutrients and herbs that can help to relive pain and inflammation. It is important to speak with a qualified practitioner to see what supplement is most suited to your back pain.
🔵 Prevention is key. Whether you have an underlying back condition or if you have a weakness, making sure to follow our tips above will go a long way in preventing exacerbation of back pain.

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