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Fertility Friday – Myth # 4

Myth #4: You have to try for 12 months before investigating why you’re not falling pregnant

The reality is when it comes to trying to fall pregnant, you can investigate causes of possible fertility issues at anytime.

If you have been trying for 6 months with no success, it is a good time to make make an appointment with you Doctor or a fertility specialist to see if there are any underlying causes.

We recommend starting acupuncture, making any lifestyle changes and getting a blood test to check for any deficiencies or imbalances at least 3 months before you start trying.

Of course if you have issues with your cycle, such as too long or too short, painful or non-existent, don’t wait until you are trying to conceive.

Getting your menstrual cycle isn’t just about having a baby. Your cycle affects your health and quality of life as a whole and is sometimes called the fifth vital sign. So if you are experiencing problems, please make an appointment with a health practitioner today.

For more information about how our practitioners can help you, head to our website or make an appointment today!

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