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Weird Period Symptoms – Clumsy and forgetful

Did you know that you are clumsier and more forgetful during your period?

This is our last weird period symptom and could help in explaining why we get to the shops and get everything except for what we came for, or we trip over our own feet!

It is thought that the fall in progesterone just before your period affects production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps to stabilise our mood and helps us retain information.

Research has shown that the production of serotonin decreases meaning that our memory (and our mood) can be impacted. Cortisol, the stress hormone also increases just before the period which can lead to feeling wired but unable to focus.

A more problematic cause of clumsiness and forgetfulness is that heavier periods can lead to anaemia or low iron. Along with a long range of other symptoms, anaemia can lead to forgetfulness and fatigue.

If you are experiencing clumsiness and forgetfulness just before or during your period, it may be helpful to:

-See an Acupuncturist to assist in balancing hormones and calming the nervous system
-Visit a Naturopath to check if there are any deficiencies exacerbating your symptoms

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