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Weird Period Symptoms – Voice changes

This week we are talking about a menstrual cycle symptom that is a little bit weird.

Now we all know that the voice changes in puberty, but did you know that your voice changes weekly throughout your cycle?

For some the change may be more subtle, but for others it can be very noticeable if only to themselves.

In the first week of your cycle, your voice tends to start off deep and husky. But by the end of your period, it becomes higher pitched. In the week leading up to your period, your voice will stay higher pitched and is thought to be more attractive. After ovulation, your voice lowers and becomes more monotone and in the week before your period, it is a bit more flat and even shaky.

Research has show that the larynx or ‘voice box’ is greatly affected by hormonal changes.

As progesterone rises and oestrogen drops in the luteal phase of your cycle, you retain more water leading to more blood supply to the vocal cords. This can dampen the sound making it sound deeper. As oestrogen rises in the follicular phase of your cycle, fluid decreases. The fatigue experienced leading up to your period is though to also cause fatigue to the vocal cords. So, this can contribute to the shakiness in your voice.

Have you noticed a change in your voice throughout your cycle?

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