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Simple tips to reduce toxins in your home

Many chemicals in fragrances, cleaning products and endotoxins may disrupt the endocrine system and have an impact on our bodies hormone functioning. This is because their chemical composition is structurally similar therefore may have an affinity for the receptor site.

Eliminating these toxins with a few simple tricks may help decrease the toxic load and give your body a rest.

Simple tips to reduce toxins in your home:

*Indoor plants – natural detoxifiers great for reducing VOC’s and carbon dioxide

👟 Take your shoes off when entering the home- reducing the risk of bringing pesticides and other chemicals into your home.

🧽 Multi purpose spray

250 ml white vinegar
250ml water
½ tsp eucalyptus of tea tree
½ tsp rosemary essential oil
(pop it in a bottle and shake)(do not use vinegar on porous benchtops)

Recipe from Low Tox Life by Alexx Stuart

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