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Healthy tips for the festive season

  1. If you are having lunch or dinner, skip the snacks beforehand and focus on the main meal
  2. Try to stick to one plate of food and avoid seconds
  3. Balance is good – Load your plate with veggies and salad. Try for half veggies/ salad + ¼ protein + ¼ carbs
  4. You can have your cake (or pudding) – but try to stick to a small serve and eat it mindfully so you enjoy it 😊
  5. If you are drinking alcohol, alternate with water between drinks
  6. Swap soft drink for sparkling water, and add some fruit like lemon or berries
  7. Incorporate exercise into your plans. Even a gentle walk will be beneficial
  8. Give yourself a break! If you do overindulge, it’s okay! Try to eat healthy the next day
  9. Most importantly enjoy time with your family and friends – make some memories!
  10. Feeling overwhelmed or burnt-out? Take downtime when you need it – it’s okay to do nothing!

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