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In season – September

Why we should eat seasonally and locally


What we eat plays an integral part in how healthy we are. The phrase you are what you eat means that what we eat can affect our mental, emotional and physical health. 

Eating seasonally and locally is important, as produce grown close to home has the perfect combination of nutrients for the season in which they are best harvested and eaten.

Whats in season – September/October


apples – avocados – cumquats – grapefruit – lemons – mandarins – blood seville oranges – pears – rhubarb – strawberries – tangelos – tangerine


asparagus – bok choy -beetroot – broccoli – cabbage – carrots – cauliflower – celery – choy sum – garlic – kohlrabi – leeks – salad – spring onions – parsnip – peas – potato – pumpkin – silverbeet – spinach


Sourced from Adelaide Farmers Market:

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