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Supplement of the Month: Astragalus 8 for Immune Health and Recovery

Astragalus 8 for Immune Health and Recovery

Astragalus 8Astragalus 8 is a tonic made up of 8 immune boosting herbs. The herbs have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and/ or Western Medicine for centuries.

Winter is the perfect time to start taking Astragalus 8 as it may prevent colds and flus*, assist in recovery from illness and operations, boost your immune system, reduce stress and improve general health. It also may prevent seasonal allergies coming into Spring.

Astragalus 8 can be purchased in clinic with 10% off for July 2020.
*not to be taken in the acute stages of colds and flus. Please contact us for a telehealth appointment to discuss alternative options if you are in the early stages of a cold or flu.


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